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Aerobic Belly Dancing


This is not your typical aerobics class!

The music is exotic and the lights are dim. The movements are sensual and beautiful, no matter what size or shape your body may be. This class teaches the building blocks of Belly dancing anatomically. The secret of the exotic motions of Belly dancing is the isolation of muscle groups and the sequential activation of the muscle groups to produce the "ripples".

What makes this class unique is the insertion of yoga, Pilates and dumbbell sequences to compliment the traditional Belly dancing motions to create an overall fitness program. For example, by combining Egyptian arms, Snake arms and Shoulder Shimmy with dumbbell side laterals, upright rows and kickback, a total upper body aerobic workout is created.

At least 1/3 of each 60 minute class is devoted to following the instructor in free dance. The students learn to recognize how to match specific rhythms and beats to appropriate dance steps. When they become comfortable with the movements, the students is invited to show the class their own favorite moves. Traditional Belly dancing clothing is not required, but sometimes students enjoy creating exotic additions to their wardrobes.

This class is unique in the Houston, Clear Lake and Galveston regions.  The class is appropriate for women of all ages and levels of physical fitness since participants control their level of activity. For those who participate with enthusiasm, this class will get your heart pumping and your muscles burning as you celebrate femininity.

Class occurs by appointment. Cost is $25. for private lesson; group rates are available.