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Class Fees and Schedule

The Bay Area Center has several workout areas. Overlapping time for classes means multiple areas are in use simultaneously. Time that is not scheduled for a class is available for massage or personal training. Please call 832-221-7410 for questions about fitness classes or for scheduling a massage. For information regarding the Aikido or Weapons programs, please call 281-337-5893.

  Schedule - Through September 1, 2018

Class Schedule


 9:00   A.M.   - 9:00 P.M. Massage or Personal Training by Appointment
9:00    A.M.  - 3:00 P.M. Massage or Personal Training by Appointment
  5:30    P.M.     - 6:25  P.M. Yoga and Fitness Training
 6:30    P.M.    - 7:30 P.M. Beginning Aikido - Adult and Children over age 7 
 7:30    P.M.    - 8:30 P.M. Intermediate/Advanced Aikido
 9:00   A.M.      - 11:00  P.M. Massage or Personal Training by Appointment
 11:00    AM.    - 12:00 A.M. Tai Chi d Yoga
 6:30    P.M.    - 8:00 P.M. Aikido - Advanced - By appointment only
 9:00    A.M.  - 3:00 P.M. Massage or Personal Training by Appointment
 5:30    P.M.    - 6:25  P.M.  Yoga and Fitness Training
 6:30    P.M.   - 7:30 P.M. 

Beginning Aikido - Adult and Children over age 7 

 7:30    P.M.   - 8:30 P.M. Weapons Class both wooden and metal swords, Iaido, Western Saber fencing, and Jo
 9:00    A.M.  - 9:00 P.M. Massage or Personal Training by Appointment






 10:30  A.M. 




Aikido All Ranks - Adult and Children over 7

 12:30    P.M.




Tai Chi

  2:00 P.M. - 9:00 P.M. Massage by appointment
Sunday       Massage or Personal Training By Appointment



Fee Schedule

If you are interested in any of the classes we offer, please stop by and try a class for a mat fee.

There is a one time Bay Area Center membership fee of $50 for individuals or $75 for families.  For new members who have joined for massage, the membership fee also entitles them to one standard massage and one each introductory class in Aikido, Tai Chi and Yoga.

Fee for Massage varies with the type of Massage and length of Massage.  Please see our webpage on Massage for detailed prices.

All fees listed below are per month unless indicated otherwise.

New members of monthly Martial Arts or Fitness programs are required to pay 2 months in Advanced; i.e. if someone joins in Feb, they must pay for Feb and March. Their next payment for April is due March 1st. When they notify the Bay Area Center in writing (email acceptable) prior to the 1st of the month, that the wish to cease their membership, their last month of membership is already paid. Cancellation of membership also voids any vouchers, awards or bonuses from all programs at the Bay Area Center.

New members in our Massage program who agree to automatic billing on the first day of each month are given a voucher for a massage grants a $10 reduction in the prices listed in our Massage page.  In other words, if someone signs up for automatic billing for 1 Swedish Massage per month, the usual $60 charge will be discounted to $50.  These vouchers are valid for as long as the person maintains their monthly automatic payment.

 Monthly fees

$10 discount for all monthly fees if automatic payment setup on credit card.


per month


$89.00   3 x week Children Ages 7-11
$99.00   Aikido 3 X week and  Thursday weapons




 Aikido plus TaiChi , Yoga and Thursdays day weapons


$20.00   one time fee Non-member mat fee
$15.00   one time fee AAA Member's guest mat fee
Tai Chi or Yoga  

2 classes a week


 $50 monthly



  1Xweek $50,


Fitness and Yoga

$59.00   1 x week  
$89.00   2 x week  
$110.00   unlimited Includes aikido and fitness classes
 $50.00    per hour  Personal training
Family Discount
This discount applies to additional members from the same household on all monthly fees except for the 1 x week option.
2nd person: $15.00 off
3rd person: $20.00 off
4th or more person $25.00 off