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Our Fitness program provides many different approaches for you to enlighten your body with the concept that fitness can be fun!

We offer many different programs that are each designed to uniquely explore a specific type of fitness. The lighting, the music, the varying tempo of each class combines to create some truly exciting programs. These are not dull, repetitious exercise classes, but are instead pathways to fun and fitness. Each program is custom designed from an individual's training viewpoint, but may be expanded into a scheduled class if several participants have similar desires.


Each program is described in detail on its own webpage.

Personal Training - a program uniquely tailored to the goals and abilities of each participant.

Fitness for Seniors - a highly individualized program of strength and balance training.

Weight Management - a combination of exercise and proper nutrition.

Total Body Conditioning - a unique combination of pilates, interval dumbbell training and yoga that sculpts the body.

Tai Chi - a fusion fitness class that shows variation of traditional postures to make Tai Chi accessible to all fitness levels.

Yoga for Wellness - a modern fusion of traditional movement for health and wellness

Pre and Post Natal - a special program designed to strengthen and rehabilitate the pelvic floor.

Aerobic Belly Dancing - a fun class that celebrates femininity while providing an aerobic workout.



For more information about Chantay Marker, the Chief Instructor of the Fitness Program, please visit her full bio.