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Personal Training


Most of the fitness programs offered are also available as one-on-one personal training. It is recommended that new members begin with a free personal training session. Our staff will assess the physical abilities of the new member and discuss their goals and interests so as to match the new member with the most appropriate class. Some members prefer to have all their training on a personal training basis. While this is more expensive, it does provide training that is specifically tailored to an individual's interests, goals, and abilities. This can help achieve goals more rapidly. Taking a few personal training classes is occasionally recommended before joining a more strenuous group class.

Personal training is also highly recommended for individuals who are working through a rehabilitation routine after injury or illness. These programs are designed to bridge the gap in time between when medically supervised physical therapy has ended and when full physical recovery has occurred. In such cases, personal training can be highly effective in enabling a return to full functionality and sometimes even beyond the physical level that had been achieved before the illness or injury. Our trainers work closely with your health professional to design a program to meet specific medical needs.
Another advantages of personal training is that the entire mood of the program is personally tailored. The music and lighting can be adjusted to the level that you find most comfortable. Changes like this can make a large difference in the overall feel of the program.


 Please call 832-221-7410 for prices and scheduling personal training.

 Reduced rates are available for larger groups. Time slots are filled on a first come, first serve basis.