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Pre and Post Natal


This program is based upon a program that the instructor originally developed for Martin Memorial Hospital in South Florida. The program focuses on exercises that strengthen the pelvic floor. The Pre-Natal program also includes prenatal yoga which provides calming meditation and breathing techniques which are beneficial during labor and delivery.

The Post Natal program is designed to rehabilitate the pelvic floor after delivery and to facilitate return to prepregnancy weight. The class also combats post partum blues by providing a nurturing and supportive atmosphere. The new mom is encouraged to bring her infant to class, so no separation anxiety need occur.

The instructor who designed and teaches this class has applied these principles to her own exercise program through 3 pregnancies and natural childbirths. 

As the infant develops and the mother recovers, there is a natural progression into our Mommy and Me Class. Mothers are encouraged to bring their small children to this class to join them in a gentle exercise and stretching program that can establish the healthy habit of regular exercise for the child. 

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