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An exciting new area of exploration and discovery is being offered at the Center in classes and workshops on Shamanism.  A Western World Shaman, Lynn Brown, journeys from Indiana to the Houston, Clear Lake, and Galveston region to share the teachings of the Ayni Medicine Wheel.   Lynn's  classes and workshops offer hands-on activities, tools, and ceremonies that include aspects of the Inca indigenous shamanic traditions combined with other wisdom school and mystery school teachings. Lynn has trained Walter, who now is her local representative.

The workshops on Spirituality, Energy Medicine, Wellness & Shamanism dovetail nicely with the other classes at the Bay Area Center. Many of the concepts and beliefs of the Inca's have parallels with the beliefs of the Asian arts taught at the Bay Area Center for Wellness. There are similarities to the Japanese concept of KI, the Chinese concept of CHI, the Indian concept of CHAKRAs, and the western concept of the SOUL.

These teachings of the Peruvian Shanman are now being shared with us after many centuries of secrecy.




When the Spanish Conquistadors defeated the armies of the Incas, the Inca Shaman merely moved further up in the Andes. The Spanish did not follow since the Shaman had no gold. In the 1950's, the Shaman began coming down from the peaks and started sharing their wisdom. Their prophecies had told them that our planet was in peril and it was now time for them to freely share their ancient knowledge with everyone. Men such as Alberto Villardo, Michael Langevin and Jorge Luis Delgado published remarkably consistent books describing what they had learned from the Shamen.

Dr. Alberto Villardo founded the Four Winds Society in America. This Society is dedicated to spreading the wisdom of the Inca Shaman throughout the world.  Lynn completed the entire training program of The Four Winds Society. Her seminars involve hands-on training of the activities described in Alberto's published books, CD's and DVD's.  Dr Villoldo has written many fascinating books about his travels to Peru. Lynn's program in Houston consists of components from Inca Energy Medicine and from other complimentary healing arts and traditions. To avoid confusion with The Four Winds Society, Lynn has adopted the term "AYNI" which means "being in haromny". The photos were taken from one of Lynn's recent workshops.  

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"It was wonderful having Lynn guide me and help me learn the actual reasonsfor my sadness related to my Mother's serious illness, including why I am sad for myself and why I am sad for my Mother. I am more able to deal with this now that I know the reasons why, and not have it negatively color my thoughts about everything else in my life. Much gratitude to Lynn."

Linda H., Entrepreneur, Ashland, Oregon, November 2007

"Dear Lynn,

I want to thank you for the tremendous help you were when my mother died. Being a physicist working for NASA, I have a hard time understanding what happened during the session, but something definitely occurred. I called you at that time because you were an old friend and because, I knew that you had some training in Death Rites, since I had read all of Alberto’s books. But with me being in Chicago and you being in Oregon, I didn’t know if the Rites could be done remotely. You demonstrated that they could.

I was in shock at my mother’s death and do not recall exactly what we did. You walked me through the Rites over the phone. I had invited my sister to be present, even though she had never read any of Alberto’s material and no idea what was happening. Toward the end of the Rites, I felt such a tremendous increase in warmth that I started sweating profusely. A strong physical manifestation that something was happening. Afterwards, my sister commented that it no longer felt as if my mother’s spirit was in the house.

Your help brought great comfort and closure for both myself and my sister.

Thank you again",

Walter M., NASA Physicist, Johnson Space Center, Houston, Texas, February 2006


"Working with Lynn was a true pleasure from start to finish.....and beyond. I found Lynn to be very warm, supportive, and deeply intuitive throughout my session with her. After our work together I found myself enjoying a deeper sense of personal ease, acceptance, and wholeness that is continuing to grow and unfold as I continue to work with the insights I gained. Thank you Lynn!"

Andrea K., C.M.Ht., D.D. Medical Hypnotherapist, Reiki Master/Teacher, Grants Pass, Oregon, July 2008


"I love going to Zumba with Lynn Brown.  It is a fun for all ages dance exercise class and Lynn is great to work with.  
When I began the class a month ago I was very uncoordinated but Lynn made me feel OK with it and encouraged me
to continue. Now I can keep up and new routines are much easier to learn. The class is very quick paced and I have
burned off 3 inches from my waist with no dieting. I go to the class two days a week. I seem to have the Zumba music
with me even when not at class. I highly recommend Lynn as an instructor."

Linda Cotrufello
Co-organizer of Ashland Resource Center, Oregon, March 2010