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Total Body Conditioning


Our Total Body Conditioning class is a unique combination of pilates, interval dumbbell training, zumba and  yoga.

The program is aerobic and elicits a caloric expenditure, but creates no impact on the joints that are often a problem in aerobic classes. This is accomplished by alternating push/pull motions that alternate between the upper and lower body to create a training phenomena called "blood shunting". Yoga techniques are used during cool down for relaxation and to increase flexibility.

The details of each program are specifically tailored to the goals and desires of each participant.

The overall goal of the class is to reshape the body to the appearance that the client desires. It works by decreasing body fat and reshaping and defining muscle groups in a way that enhances the overall appearance based on frame of the client. For example,for a more slender appearance in the waist line, the program works two ways. The reduction in body fat naturally reduces the waistline, while by developing the shoulder and back muscles (medial deltoid and lattissimus dorsi) the appearance of a reduced waist is greatly enhanced.




Another benefit of the program is to reduce the risk of certain physical disorders by strengthening specific muscle groups. For example, strengthening the mid and upper back muscles (mid trapezus and rhomboid region) and increasing the flexibility of the chest muscles (pectorals) can improve posture and helps reverse the effects of kyphosis, commonly referred to as hunchback syndrome.





One of the unique features of this class is that it is designed to improve cardio-vascular efficiency and increase basal metabolism with no impact to joint structures. The class is performed to world music in a high energy, exuberant environment. Class size is limited to enable the instructor to tailor the class for each member.


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