Shamanic Energy Medicine & Wellness Sessions


” I personalize your private session by utilizing the proper combination of ayni methologies to meet your specific needs. I facilitate your personal transformation allowing you to claim your full power to accomplish your most deeply desired goals, dreams and aspirations."


Available in person or by phone.    Average session duration is 1.5 hours.

25% Discount for workshop attendees for first shamanic "Illumination & Chakra Balancing" session.

NUTRITIONAL ASSESSMENT AND WELLNESS COUNSELING teaches proper diet & digestive system maintenance, nutrient utilization evaluation, movement & exercise, breathing, meditation, and other physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual purification practices.  Assessment & wellness counseling is an integral part of shamanic energy medicine sessions.

ILLUMINATION & CHAKRA BALANCING process clears the energy loops that predispose us to malignant physical & emotional conditions, erases imprints of disease in the Luminous Energy Field (LEF), and brings about healing at the blueprint level of our being. This process begins to "re-write" the code (like computer software) of the LEF so that disease does not manifest in the body (like computer hardware).

EXTRACTION promotes health by removing "heavy" energies and entities from the LEF and changing our affinities for toxic persons and situations. Energies such as fear, envy, and anger can create an imprint that holds us in old emotional and behavioral patterns that limit our success in business, in relationships, in our personal and professional growth and in achieving our life’s highest purpose.

ANCESTOR HEALING allows us to extract energetic & genetic ancestral information that no longer serves us while maintaining and enhancing our ancestral gifts. This process facilitates freeing you from karmic and generational baggage.

SOUL RETRIEVAL leads us on a journey back to the Essential Self.  This process facilitates identifying and re-writing soul contracts you made that keep you from living in grace, harmony, and full success.

GREAT RITES assist us and loved ones on their final journey. We discover the maps of the afterlife described by the great spiritual traditions of the world. RECAPITULATION facilitates families and friends in the process of forgiveness, letting go, and healing before the final passing of a loved one.

DESTINY RETRIVAL facilitates your process to find and install a desired future into your lifeline. This process assists you to step into your chosen destiny and to dream the world into being.  Learn how to turn the limiting beliefs we confuse for reality into tools for creating a healthy and meaningful life.  Learn to embrace techniques that help you realize that YOU are the creator & manifestor of YOUR life.


COST FOR THE FOLLOWING SESSIONS:   $1.50 per minute (15 minute minimum)

Kiatsu, Reiki, & Ayni Yoga must be done in person.      Readings & Counseling can be done in person or by phone.

AYNI FUSION YOGA teaches very simple stretches that help keep the spine healthy.  Stretches are especially aimed at eliminating shoulder, neck and  back pain. 

REIKI provides stress reduction and relaxation and promotes healing.

KIATSU works with pressure points to relieve pain & stress in the muscles.  This is an especially effective technique for relieving headaches.

DIVINE SHAMANIC READINGS & INTUITIVE COUNSELING works on your personal questions, issues, and challenges. We work with Earth’s sacred mountains, waters, and forests and connect to the Inka Shamanic lineage of luminous beings, healers, guides, and master teachers to bring forth the information to heal and empower YOU to use YOUR inner power and create a desired life of health & wellness, prosperity, beauty, and grace.   You will be provided tools & techniques to resolve issues related to relationships, career, and personal development that allow you to operate with empowerment and higher levels of consciousness.


MUNAY-KI are the nine rites of initiation which heal us and transform the human energy field into that of homoluminous, a transcended light being, who you truly are.  Munay means "I love you" or "BE AS THOU ART".  Ki means "energy".  The rites are transmissions based on Peruvian energy healing processes.  They are offered free of charge.  Donations of ayni (in proper relationship) are welcome.  Munay-Ki are offered in ceremony in sacred space.

To schedule a session, workshop, retreat, or ceremony, call Lynn at 541-778-2055           Or email at [email protected]

Lynn's Bio:

Lynn Brown is a shamanic healer and teacher. She is certified at the Master Level in Energy Medicine by Dr. Alberto Villoldo and The Four Winds Society (  She is initiated through the Inca shamanic tradition and works with the Q'ero shamans of Peru. As a former NASA Engineer & Scientist, Lynn bridges the gap between physics, metaphysics, and shamanism.  She offers private sessions,  ceremonies, workshops, and retreats. She focuses on clearing imprints from the luminous energy field that predispose us to disease and behaviorial patterns, to re-write genetic code and heal at the blueprint level of being.

Lynn’s background also includes 10 years of teaching the practice of Aikido, the way of Harmonious Spirit. She holds a second degree black belt from the Aikido Association of America and is a registered instructor through the Seishinkan Dojo training program. Lynn is also certified in Reiki 1, and she practices Kiatsu. Lynn teaches low impact yoga and is a certified trainer of Zumba dance.

Lynn holds an M.S. in Space Technology, a B.S. in Physics, and a B.S. in Education. She has decades of experience in corporate management, engineering, business, education and leadership training. Lynn currently serves on the Board of Directors for an LLC.  Lynn has been coaching others all of her life in matters of relationships, career, personal growth, transformation and manifestation.  In her sessions, workshops and retreats, she shares the tools, practices, and technologies of how to live a life of joy, beauty, wellness, & abundance.